Sleep well and wake upp even more pretty! A correctly applied eyelash extension is a magical experience and a refreshment for the whole face. Du will always fell lively and fresh. Du will always wake upp looking great. But it is important to choose your Lash Stylist carefully to get this experience that will not harm your own lashes or your eyes. Luxurious Lashes will give you the best Lash Stylists on the market!

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Thinking about joining the Lash Stylist network? Do you love taking care of your clients? The clients needs you! They are actually screaming for your help! The demand on professional eyelash extensions is higher then the supply of great Lash Stylists.
Welcome to Luxurious Lasges Education – Swedens first ISO 9001 certified Lash Stylist education. Register today and becoma a part of Swedens largest brand in eyelash extensions.

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WARNING! Unfortunately there are methods and techniques within lash extensions that will harm you own lashes and eyes. Make sure you are in safe hands and book your treatment with a professional Lash Stylist. Luxurious Lashes Lash Stylists are only working with the safest technique and method. Read more about our Education and courses and you will understand that Luxurious Lashes Lash Stylist are the top quality choice for you!


Luxurious Lashes webshop is filled with great products for lash extensions and only open for Lash Stylists, certified via Luxurious Lashes. This way we can be sure that everyone working with the brand LL Luxurious Lashes has the full product knowledgement that is required. Our Lash Stylists and their clients can always be sure of the high quality the products and the education brings!

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You will find Luxurious Lashes training in several cities in Sweden. You can often choose from 4-5 course dates every month! Vich date and city will suit you best? In 8 weeks you can become Internationally Certified Lash Stylist via Swedens first ISO 9001and CIBTAC certified Lash shool!

Come On Over Course – COO

Are you a certified Lash Stylist via another brand but not satisfied with your education or you products? Welcome to Luxurious Lashes! Become one of os and join our network of quality loving lash stylists! Send in your application today and become one of our satisfied Come On Over students!

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Enjoy Luxurious Lashes amazing and cool pictures in the gallery! You’re welcome to download some of the pictures for your advertising. Remember to use the pictures for your marketing in a correct and positiv way!